Strategic Plan

Planning for the Future of the Bulverde/Spring Branch Community.

To see a complete copy of the Economic Development Plan, please click here.



Establish a close working relationship with the City of Bulverde and Spring Branch, Texas, Comal County, State of Texas, and other governmental and community entities in the area to encourage, facilitate, and manage economic development in the Bulverde/Spring Branch area in Central Texas.



The Hill Country destination for capital investment, job growth, tourism, and green development that cultivates an enduring legacy.


We attract and facilitate business development that enhances our local economy, community, and Hill Country quality of life.


It is the goal of the BSBEDF to bring together investors with the same focus and concern for the future development of our community. We believe it is of utmost importance to bring together leaders and stakeholders from our community to all sit at the same table and collectively plan to ensure that as our community grows and develops; it does so intentionally and with purpose. It is our goal for the BSBEDF to serve in this crucial role as we work together for the interests of our business community as well as our citizens.

This was the primary reason for the development and implementation of the Bulverde/Spring Branch Area Economic Development Plan. The recommendations in the plan are based on an extensive input process that included interviews with key community leaders, focus groups, and an on-line survey. This input led to the identification of several common issues that the BSBEDF can address over the next several years which are addressed in the plan. Below is an outline of our objectives:


1.  Advocate and support infrastructure improvements.

  • Incubate a regional wastewater system through regional collaboration and planning
  • Advocate for road and Highway improvements to support sustainable transportation
  • Advocate for sustainable infrastructure funding (i.e. Sales Tax and/or Ad Valorem Tax – Infrastructure Fund, Impact Fees, etc.)
  • Implement Regional Land Use Plan developed by the City of Bulverde
  • Advocate for smart development including green space and nontraditional land use patterns

2.  Develop Workforce Diversity

  • Advocate for Housing diversity
  • Advocate for education, training, and development of workforce
  • Foster workforce availability (i.e. Job Fairs)
  • Seek transportation opportunities to support meeting workforce needs (i.e. VIA)
  • Identify existing community workforce talent and related industries (i.e. what talent do we have living in community already that we can leverage to attract certain industries? This works in conjunction with target industry needs study indicated below)

 3.  Business Retention, Expansion, and Acquisition

  • Leverage strengths and defined incentives to retain, expand, and acquire targeted businesses.
    • 380/381 Agreements
    • Tax Increment Reinvestment Zones (TIRZ)
    • Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT)
    • Leverage State & Federal Incentives, as applicable
    • Robust fiber optic infrastructure
    • What can our local utility companies do to help incentivize?
  •  Target primary employers for retention, expansion, and acquisition.
  • Conduct and/or assess needs study to determine target industry opportunities.
    • Medical/Biomedical
    • Tech
    • Light Manufacturing/Distribution (i.e. Distillery, Brewery, Winery, Construction related Trades, Textiles, Consumables, Etc.)

 4.  Advocate and Support smart economic development for Bulverde / Spring Branch area.

  • Retain and grow membership to ensure viability of Economic Development Foundation
  • Serve as 1st point of contact (POC) for economic development for BSB area
  • PR
  • Website
  • Marketing


NOTES:  Consideration of resources required to carry out.


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