Business Retention & Expansion

Bulverde/Spring Branch is Open For Business and Here to Serve You!

The Bulverde/Spring Branch Economic Development Foundation leads the Business Retention & Expansion (BRE) Program working collaboratively with the City of Bulverde, the Bulverde/Spring Branch Area Chamber of Commerce, Comal County, Workforce Solutions Alamo, and other partners – All focused on providing resources, service, and support to businesses.

BRE Program Goal

Our mission is to learn about the needs and concerns of existing businesses as they relate to conducting business in our community, and work to address those needs and concerns to encourage continued growth.

Specifically, we want to:

  1. Establish and maintain a channel of communication between your business and the BSBEDF.
  2. Understand your perspective of doing business in our community.
  3. Better understand your business’ unique structure, its relationship to the local economy, and its growth needs.
  4. Pair your business with the expertise or the services that can meet those needs.

All information shared with the BSBEDF BRE TEAM is strictly confidential and there’s no charge for our services.

Our goal is to foster an Open for Business environment for your business to thrive in our community.  When your business succeeds, it helps grow our local economy and strengthens our community to ensure its sustainability well into the future.


In Bulverde/Spring Branch there is plenty of opportunities for existing businesses to thrive and grow. The BSBEDF leverages a wide range of resources and provides you want you need to succeed. We assist local firms with challenges including facility expansion, site selection, infrastructure assistance, access to qualified job applicants, and more.


Labor Market Overview:

  • Labor Market Information & Statistics
  • Labor Market Benchmarking

Streamline Expansion of Current Operations:

  • Site Selection Services
  • Land Use & Zoning
  • Infrastructure Planning
  • Safety Issues
  • Permitting

Public Services & Information Assistance:

  • Utility Reliability & Capacity Support
  • Task Force Creation for Interagency Issues (Public Works – Streets/Drainage, Other)
  • Safety Needs
  • Environmental Awareness Assistance

Help Maximize Workforce Power:

  • Recruitment and Job Posting Assistance
  • Workforce Onsite Training
  • Job Fair Support
  • On-The-Job Training Incentives (Pay Portion of Salary)
  • Just-In-Time Training Incentives (Industry-Related Training)
  • Outplacement Services
  • Downsizing Assistance

Provide Professional Contacts & Network Opportunities:

  • Local Professional Service Referrals
  • Introductions to Local Business Leaders
  • Connections to Industry Advocates
  • Business Development Introductions

For more information on the resources available to your company through the BRE Program, call 830-885.4331.

“There are many elements to recruiting and retaining top-tier employees, and one of great importance to us is the spirit of community found throughout Bulverde. We’ve seen tremendous growth throughout the region in recent years, and this is due in large part to the efforts of the BSBEDF to attract and retain businesses that provide value to the community. We are proud to say that our employees consider Bulverde more than just a place to work, it’s where they choose to raise their families.”

Adam Cason

Director of Product Marketing, Futurex

For more information, please contact Paula Stakes

Executive Committee Member Bulverde/Spring Branch EDF
830.885.4331 cell: 210.275.4996

Area Job Fairs Hosted by the
Bulverde/Spring Branch Economic Development Foundation, Bulverde/Spring Branch Area Chamber of Commerce, and the City of Bulverde 

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